Second Life… It sounds mystic…

            When I saw the topic of second life in the Call syllabus, I thought that it is kind of teaching tools. However, I did not imagine like that. Moreover, I did not have any idea about this program until I saw in the Call lesson. I have extremely enjoyed and as soon as possible, I want to use this program one of my presentation if I have chance in the school. The best part of this program, you are creating your own world and you stay away from stress in front of someone. With this way you can explain your opinions easily or you can present your topic effectively.

                You will create your avatar, select your clothes, and built your world wherever you want. What an amazing platform, isn’t it?  And also you can share your opinions your friends and visit somewhere in the world.  This program actually is cyber world but at the same time it reflects real world that was prepared by real people.

                  But at the same time, we cannot use this program in the MEB. In my opinion that using this program is probably impossible for coming years in the primary or high schools. People should start gradually to use technology in the learning process. Learning may be much more enjoyable with this way.


Podcast, Npr, Audiobook…



                 This week we have learnt podcast and audio book programs. Actually, I do not apply computer programs because of our lack of technology in schools. I have used prezi program for my school experience and y students have been extremely impressed. I believe that this teaching time has been memorable for students. Moreover they wanted to see and learn this program for their project homework.  Computer programs are beneficial for students’ sake in the education.

          In addition to this experience, I am happy now because I can apply these programs for my students too. I also think that especially they may be helpful for listening and speaking skills. They may give a magic touch to a lesson. Absolutely I will use “npr” source because there are a lot of reliable sources and the more diversity is the more effective learning.

           To sum up, I can have a huge library when I apply these programs. Moreover, I am planning that I will prepare my special folders and use these according to my students’ needs. I am grateful to my teacher that he has given us these opportunities.

My name is İlknur ÇELİK and I am 24 years old. I am originally from Rize but I live in Samsun with my family. I have a brother who is fifteen years old and he is 8th grade student. My father is municipal worker and my mother is housewife. I want to be a qualified English teacher for primary students. I love watching movie series, taking photo and reading interesting real life stories.

Passing from Dokeos to Edmodo

Waking up too early makes me nervous but learning something from Call course is important for me in terms of using computer for teaching language. Our teacher has made changes because of some problems about Dokeos. We use Edmodo for this course and I used this blog last year for special teaching method course. This blog is much better and useful than dokeos for me and I think that it is not complicated.

It was difficult to follow our teacher’s speed but it was enjoyable for me. I was confused a little bit because of passing from one topic to another. I want to learn a lot of things about technology and their usage in ELT department.


Beginning with “word press and twitter”

Until this day, I believed that twitter, word press, or another blogs cannot help students to learn a language or a teacher cannot use these sources to teach a language.  However, I have experienced that CALL course changed my thoughts. We used word press to write reflection for literature course and it was an enjoyable classroom activity. I have recalled many topics about English literature. When we think this requirement in terms of learning, it is extremely effective. However, at the same time we should teaching part. In my opinion about teaching a language by using technology, CALL course will help me and I believe that my students will be able to create or use their blogs to write a reflection paper in the future.

            I have learnt creating and using blogs in teaching, using RSS Reader and twitter. The lesson was complicated to cover easily because we passed from one topic to another and all of them were related. I guess I should practice develop my knowledge on teaching a language with technological tools.

            To sum up my observation on this week of CALL course, it was tiring but effective and memorable for me. I hope that I can manage all difficulties of next topics of course.